Why Are My Electricity And Gas Bills So Much?

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In both Canada and the United States it is very easy to find out which electricity supplier serves your house or apartment. If you only use one utility, you may have the same company servicing your house, as for both gas and electricity. In this case, you could receive a standard billing statement from your direct supplier, which may not be accurate depending on which service your house uses. It may also show a minimum billing amount for your account, and if you happen to be on a province-wide meter-reading program, your billing amounts could be adjusted by the province’s electricity supplier. However, if you use more than one utility, you need to contact the customer service desks of your respective utilities and file a direct complaint with them.

Customers are often surprised when their direct supplier informs them that they have contracted a different electricity supplier to serve their homes. Usually the first thing customers do is dispute the charges by sending a letter to their current electric utility customers and to the alternative supplier as well. Most often, the alternate supplier is willing to return all the money to the customer, but this is often not the end of the story.

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Customers should realize that once they complain to their current energy supplier, they will only be able to do so for up to 14 days. After that period has passed, they will need to contact the energy supplier or their direct retail choice again, as the new meter point cannot transfer until the complaint has been resolved. There are many reasons why the meter point could change, such as new meter points being installed in a different area, a change in the type of fuel being supplied (electricity or natural gas), a switch in the customer’s billing amount, and/or a change in the customer’s tariff.

If you are being billed more than normal by your electricity supplier and want to find out who it is, then there are two options. First, call the customer service number on your utility company and ask them who the supplier is. If they cannot give you the name of the supplier, then call the Energy Performance Certificate Office where you can request a copy of the last year’s performance certificate. You can also ask your supplier if they would be willing to send you the certificate so that you can look it over yourself. However, it is important to remember that the certificate is not proof of anything and it is not an indication of how your electricity supplier is performing.

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If your bill is being met by a separate distribution utility and it is not being met by your existing electricity supplier, then your next step is to investigate whether your distribution utility is charging you too much. First of all, ask your existing distribution utility to explain why they are being charged more than usual. In some cases, this can be due to a failure by your existing electricity supplier to pay a share of the distribution costs and in other cases, a failure by your supplier to perform to the required standards.

It is important to note that some gas and electricity suppliers have their own websites and phone numbers where you can contact them directly. In some cases, these can actually be very easy to use. Other types of gas and electricity suppliers have websites but they are only available for calls to the company itself or from a toll free number. In either case, you can call the company and ask them to explain their prices or find out what other customers have to say who use their services.

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