tips and tricks for selling your home to a wholesaler

Preparing Your Home for Sale

It may seem like a hopeless task to sell your home, but it doesn’t have to be. Selling your home can be easy when you know how to go about the process. First, find out where your ideal customer is located and then think like them. Here are some tips and tricks for selling your home to a wholesaler.


How to Sell Your Home to a Wholesaler

Tips & Tricks Most home sellers are accustomed to the way their agent or broker goes about selling their homes, and they don’t see the big picture. These individuals focus on the current demand for a home in their neighborhood, and they forget to think about who would be interested in buying a home. Selling your home to a wholesaler requires you to think like a buyer. You need to determine the closing costs and figure out what the buyer’s budget is before you put your home on the market. After this is done, you can focus on the features and the upgrades you have to offer your potential buyer.


Use Open Houses Another good way

to show your home off to prospective buyers is to hold an open house. This allows potential buyers to come and tour your home, get a feel for the layout and even look around at the yard and exterior. Having a few buyers look around can give you a better idea of what your selling price is and if there is still room to increase your offer. Open houses are also a great way to meet your local buyers, learn more about the community and get in some one-on-one time with these potential buyers.


Hold Multiple Offers If your home doesn’t sell

by the close of the day you scheduled, don’t worry, it may not be the end of the world. You may need to move your listing to a different day or you may need to hold an ‘FSBO’ sale. In either case, you may need to increase your offer and schedule another appraisal.


Plan For Additional Appraisals

If your first impression of your home was a big one, you want it to spark a good conversation. So when you start talking to buyers, talk about additional inspections. If one of them brings up the possibility of needing some necessary repairs, be ready with a plan. A real estate agent can coordinate all of the necessary repairs that are needed before the sale is made. By preparing in advance, you can keep any buyers from assuming that you didn’t make the necessary repairs.


Make sure you have the Following When your home

is being staged for sale, make sure you have all of the following in place. An inventory of all of your fixtures and fittings; professional photos of your kitchen and bathroom; your financial and bank statements. This information will provide the buyer with everything they need to know about your finances. A clean-cut professional photo is also important. Professional photos give the buyer a positive impression that you are a person who takes good care of your personal possessions. These and more are the elements of staging your home.

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