The most popular of hampers

Unique Christmas Food Hampers

Everyone loves good food and fine wine, making food hamper and wine hampers the perfect present for those you love. People of all ages from children to grandparents enjoy the variety of contents in these special gifts. Many are filled with delights such as candies, mints, chewing gum, chocolate, truffles, and even wine. Some contain other treats, such as cookies and cheese. These special baskets come in several styles and themes, so whatever type of recipient you are, that will fit the theme of the gift.


The most popular of hampers is that of the Champagne Hamper

This may have different types of contents but the main ones include champagne, sparkling wines, and specially selected fruits and nuts. Some contain candies, cookies, and almonds, while others may have different specialty items like truffles, chocolate-covered fruit cake, or salted caramel truffles. You can also choose what you would like to have in your basket depending on whether it is an event or party, holiday, or birthday. For example, for an event, you could include items like Champagne Fireworks, Paper Macaw, Melon Balls, and Wine Cellar.


If you want to have an event-themed hamper

you could, for example, choose Champagne Trifle, Chilled Ice Wine, or a selection of appetizers such as Blue Cheese Dip. For a holiday, you could include items such as Christmas Tree Tea, Honey Bread Pudding, or other assorted goodies. For a birthday, you could give the appropriate hampers based on the age of the recipient. For instance, for baby showers, you could include a Baby Hamper filled with toys, crackers, chocolates, and other cute treats. You can give gift baskets for a wedding based on the bride and groom’s hobbies and interests, such as a Chef’s Hamper which could have wine, cheese, crackers, cookies, and other gourmet foods.


Themed baskets are also popular for special occasions

For example, a Wedding Hamper may have a champagne drinker, chocolate-covered fruit, and a variety of hot teas. For a Christening celebration, you could give a Christening Hamper that may include an assortment of foods, wine, champagne, and other goodies. There are also Holiday Hamper options for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or special events. You could choose to purchase a hamper for the season, such as a Christmas Hamper or a Hanukkah Hamper. For example, you could choose a hamper for Thanksgiving, a Halloween Hamper, an Easter hamper, or Valentine’s Day hamper.


In addition to foods

some people like to have treats and wines with their hamper. These treats and wines can be a little more expensive than typical foods and beverages but can be well worth the extra money. For instance, a cheese and wine combination hamper might cost more than a basic basket of bread, crackers, fruits, and flavored coffees and teas. However, you could also choose a different treat for each specific food or drink that you will be pairing with your wines.


Many hotels also offer honey hamper baskets

These types of gifts are great because they are filled with a variety of items. For instance, you could choose to have a cheese and cracker hamper, Christmas food hampers with holiday favorites, a spa hamper, or spa hampers with chocolate truffles. Each of these is a unique gift that would be perfect for a specific holiday or special occasion. With many hotel chocolates available in holiday shapes, like snowmen and snowflakes, you can be sure to find a chocolate that matches your particular taste.

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