the energy-efficient homes also save energy.

Energy Efficient Homes: An Overview

A happy house is an attractive abode that makes a home energy efficient. A happy home makes your family’s life comfortable and free from environmental hazards. A well-insulated home not only looks beautiful but also keeps your house cool in summers and warm in winters. A well-planned house with good insulation not only saves energy but also makes your heating cost lower. A cutaway view of the house, pointing to windows that make a house energy efficient: sleek, high-performing windows; energy star certified windows that save energy; low EMRs, or energy efficiency margins; an adjustable thermostat; and weather stripping which stops water loss.


A well-insulated house also shows superior value for money

A house that is well-insulated increases the resale value of the property. It also protects the occupants’ health from heat and other environmental dangers. The occupants’ health is especially at risk during extremely cold months. It is very important to provide proper insulation to houses since the present generation of youngsters are the first generation to suffer the ill effects of global warming.


Lighting is one aspect of a home that makes it energy efficient

Lighting provides safety and security to a home and also helps people keep track of time. In addition, energy-efficient lighting helps lower electricity bills. Good lighting makes a house appear larger than it actually is. For this reason, a well-planned lighting plan helps a lot in improving the appearance of the home.


An energy-efficient home

can also prevent diseases and ailments like cancer. This is because good lighting can filter out external electromagnetic radiation. This filtering mechanism reduces the intensity of harmful ultraviolet light. Also, lighting provides the first level of protection for a house from burglaries. Since burglars usually target houses that have lots of windows, installing good lighting will help reduce the risks of these criminals entering the home.


Besides improving the appearance of a house

energy-efficient homes also save energy. With good lighting, the internal temperature of a house can be reduced, and heating and cooling expenses can be minimized. This makes it easier for homeowners to cut down on their monthly energy consumption. Moreover, these properties make it easier to keep a check on electricity usage so that excessive consumption is avoided.


Although there is considerable energy cost involved

By putting up an energy-efficient house, the returns could be huge. Home energy costs account for about 15% of the home’s overall cost, according to the Energy Performance Information Act. As a homeowner, you must remember to use energy-efficient appliances and light fixtures, to reduce the total cost of running your house. After all, you would not want to spend money that you do not have, and a fully energy-efficient home can serve as a great investment.

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