The Best Thing For You And Your Baby Is To Find

Organic baby formula sounds like something that can be just as good for your baby as the stuff you find in the store. Is it? How does it compare to regular baby food? These are all important questions that new parents must ask themselves when choosing what they will give their child. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you make a more informed choice when you are ready to make your purchase.

organic baby formula


Organic baby formula is what it sounds like: completely natural ingredients made using the freshest, healthiest ingredients available. This means: No fillers or stabilizers, no coloring or artificial flavors. No drugs, pesticides or chemicals used during the growing process. No preservatives. This is especially important for infants, who have sensitive systems and may be at risk for various allergies.


There are a number of brands to choose from based on the age of your baby, but the most common is soy milk. Soy formulas are generally considered to be a healthy choice, especially if lactose intolerance is a concern, since most cow’s milk formulas use lactase to break down lactose, which is present in many babies. Babies on a soy diet usually have a smoother digestion and more digestion than babies who drink cow’s milk.


Holle is a leading brand that is available at most drug stores and baby specialty shops. Holle is derived from corn syrup and is sweetened with honey. Most baby formulas are sweetened with sugar. Holle is healthier because it has less calories and no fats or sugars.

One of the main ingredients in organic formula is milk, and this must be one of the healthier options. It’s always a better idea to use natural cow milk that hasn’t been pasteurized. Pure, organic milk contains more vitamins, including the B-complex, than non-organic milk, which contains traces of growth hormones and other synthetic chemicals. Babies fed milk formulas made from non-organic milk tend to have a lower immune system than those who are fed milk products that are organic.


The best thing for you and your baby is to find the most organic baby formula you can afford, and the one that works best for your child. Your baby will thank you for feeding him or her organic milk or formula. You can try to express your baby at home, but make sure you do so from a clean cup and you make sure to rinse off all milk residue immediately after giving your baby formula. Your baby will thank you for giving him or her the healthiest possible food.

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