Smart Meter – Save Money, Time and Electricity

A smart meter is a machine which records electrical data like consumption of electricity, voltage level, frequency, and current. Smart Meters communicate the data to the user for better clarity of usage, electricity providers for system reporting and customer billing, and electricians for efficient system monitoring. Smart Meters are a very effective tool to avoid outages in households as they record all electricity consumed by the household, which can be compared with the normal consumption pattern and show the possible reasons behind usage. They also help users to conserve electricity, as they determine and provide options for reducing electricity consumption. This reduces electricity bills and saves the environment from further degradation.

Smart Meter


Smart Meters use Automatic Identification System (AIS) that allows it to identify the type of load such as lights, air conditioning/heating, computers/internet cables and telephone lines, etc. Based on the load, it can suggest to the user ways to reduce electricity consumption. The Smart Meters use LMSIs or Low-Matterage Multiple Input Resistor (LLMR), which helps it to automatically detect heavy loads and provide load protection and intelligent control over the voltage and current drawn from a power supply. Smart Meters ensure proper protection of the power supply and minimize any damage to power cables and other items of electronic equipment when used for home use.

Smart Meters

The Smart Meter offers flexible options for its users. It has the flexibility of setting usage rate according to needs and helps you to recover the revenue from unused electricity. Smart Meters can also be used for point-of-use billing and advanced real-time billing facility for retail customers. Smart Meters have the capability of generating a report on usage and time periods for easier auditing by a power distributor.

Smart Meters use a Network-Centric Approach. It follows that a number of appliances may share a certain connection, which is called the “Network”. An electricity distributor uses a special circuit breaker box to break the “network” and separate the appliances. The circuit breakers send a “signal” to the Smart Meters, which activates the meter. From the signal received by the meter, the administrator can easily measure the electricity consumption.


With the help of the Smart Meter, you can get an accurate idea of your consumption, which helps you monitor and control excessive electricity usage. Moreover, if there is any fluctuation in your electricity bill, it gives an opportunity to your electricity service provider to fix up a new bill with reduced rates. This way, you can avoid excessive usage of electricity and save money on your electricity bills. In addition, the meter shows usage date, electricity quantity, electricity tax, estimated cost of installation and much more information.

Many consumers choose the Smart Meters to monitor their electricity usage because of its numerous advantages. It is also easy to use and is a reliable solution to avoid excessive use of electricity. Most utility companies offer Smart Meters for free with the tariffs. It is important to select an excellent service provider to set up and monitor the meter. By choosing a reputed service provider, you can benefit from many benefits including Smart Meters, electricity bills, reduced electricity tax and reduced electricity consumption cost.

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