Save Money on Electricity

We all pay electricity bills every month, but not everyone realizes how high those bills are. With rising fuel costs and a struggling economy, utility companies are often forced to increase prices to make their profits. Unfortunately, the price of electricity in many parts of the United States is already increasing due to rising demand. You may already be paying higher electricity prices if you’re on a natural gas or propane service because those services often charge more when the weather is cold and they need to add supply to meet demand. In addition, wind and solar power systems can often provide cheaper electricity than traditional utility companies.


Many utility companies

in the US are now offering “time-of-use” electricity rates which take into consideration the times when people need to use electricity the most. Under TOU rate programs, utility users are charged extra for electricity used most during daytime hours, especially at night. By using solar energy or other time-of-use electricity discounts, you can significantly lower your electrical bills. However, if you have tiered electricity plans with several utility companies, such as Time-of-Use rate plans with your local electric company, it’s easy to see why you are paying an even higher bill after those initial discounts.



there are ways to reduce your electricity costs by controlling your electricity usage. One way to make your electricity more affordable is to choose more appliances that are efficient and lower energy consumption. Another way to make your electricity more affordable is to convert some of your electricity use into renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind energy. In many states, consumers are also allowed to buy residential solar panels as long as they meet certain requirements. Also, check out the state and federal government websites to find out more information on making your electricity more affordable.


A standard electricity plan

generally gives you a certain amount of “free electricity” on your bill each month. This free energy can be turned into additional electricity costs by using appliances that only consume a small portion of the energy used during normal use. For example, to take full advantage of your time-of-use rate discounts on electricity, switch to a timeshare during off-peak hours and use appliances with the lower energy consumption during those hours. It is also possible to save money on your energy bill through conservation or venting. Some states even have incentives for installing new low-efficiency appliances and devices, and for encouraging energy conservation in existing homes.

If your electricity rates are already too high,

there are a couple of things you can do to make them cheaper. One option is to install a home energy management (HEM) system that will reduce your electricity consumption by setting up routines for when the appliances turn on and off. Another option is to install a renewable energy system such as a solar panel or wind turbine. Depending on where you live, a combination of these two methods may provide you with enough free energy to eliminate your electricity bill. As stated earlier, it is also possible to make your existing electricity plan more affordable by changing the times and days that certain appliances are turned on and off, and by switching to “time-of-use” pricing.



of what method you choose to save money on electricity, one thing you should always remember is that the more you save on your energy bill, the less you pay in the long run. This makes “peak hours” a very important time to exercise good energy-conservation habits. During peak hours, most electricity users draw down their batteries and crank up the heat, both of which use up more energy and cause your utility bills to increase. Switching to a times-of-use electricity plan during peak hours will not only save you money but will also help protect the environment.

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