Personalizing Your Coffee, Tea or Cold Beverage With Tumbler Mugs


A tumbler, also known as a beer hugger, is a cylindrical glass bottle with a top that is capped with a thin layer of foam. The purpose of the tumbler is to keep poured drinks on the side away from the drinker’s face so that they can sip without taking their eyes off the glass. Tumblers are very common in bars and restaurants, but they are also ideal for homes. They’re inexpensive, reusable and can be found at many different party and craft stores. Because they are so popular, we decided to put together a few pointers for DIY home bartending.


Tumblers are sold in two sizes: small and large. Either way, both will work well as travel mugs. While there are some special travel mugs daesigned specifically for tumblers, most travel mugs will fit any size bottle without problems. The tall insulated glass cups make for a super smooth drinking experience and, if you are serving an alcoholic beverage, you’ll find that the tall can keep the warmth in your hands and drink from all sides. Our favorite travel mug is the travel mug with a built-in microbrew machine.

One of the easiest ways to give your guests the gift of beer is with tumbler packs. You can find tumbler packs for just about every beer type imaginable (lagers, pilsners, regular, etc.) and can be found in a wide variety of colors, styles and themes. You can also order custom packs that will allow you to choose a color, theme and design that are uniquely your own.


If you are going to serve mixed drinks, consider using one of the travel mugs that have a built-in ice cream dispenser built right in. These tumbler packs offer ice cream in three flavors (gummy, yogurt or rocky) that can be dispensed by squeezing the ice pack from the top of the tumbler. A great ice cream recipe tool!

If you are the host or hostess, we recommend you consider giving travel mugs with your hostess gift. These tumbler gift sets will be a great addition to any guest’s kitchen or pantry. The travel mug offers coffee, hot chocolate or tea in a sleek stainless steel design that is accessible from any angle. Available in black and red, the travel mug with your personal message or name is available in many different sizes and styles. The travel mug not only offers the coffee or tea drinker a convenient way to prepare their favorite beverages, they also look great and serve as a handy little guest cup.


There are many other fun and creative uses for tumblers. If you are throwing a party and need some extra containers, tumblers make a great favor. Pairing tumblers with wine makes for a great wine/dish combination. If you need to serve champagne for a high-profile party, you will be happy with a personalized champagne flute. You can even have one personalized with your name printed on the handle.

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