Hiring a Divorce Lawyer: What You Need to Know

A divorce lawyer can be compared to a judge in the legal system

There are however no set legal requirements for a divorce lawyer other than being a high school graduate. Passing the bar exam and having a legal interest in divorce matters is required. A divorce lawyer practicing in a specific area of the law has more education and training than those working in any other area. A divorce lawyer meaning the law school, he graduated from will have extensive knowledge regarding divorce and family law.

With an interest in divorce and family law, an aspiring law student might choose courses in family issues to assist him specialize in property rights, child custody and divorce issues. Attorneys who practice family law handle divorce proceedings as well as estate planning and family support. A divorce lawyer can also handle probate and distribute financial assets during divorce.

divorce lawyer that represents victims of domestic abuse

An attorney who deals with domestic abuse can work to protect the rights of the person that is abused and also to provide assistance to them. An attorney who handles domestic abuse cases will have extensive knowledge regarding family law and the criminal justice system in domestic violence cases. A divorce lawyer that represents victims of domestic abuse can help victims get their finances back, seek compensation for abuse and secure the future of their children.

An attorney can be licensed by the state in which he practices. Attorneys who practice in more than one state are referred to as’state lawyers’. Attorneys who have family law experience to deal with issues such as child support, spousal abuse, prenuptial agreements and divorce proceedings. The number of divorces handled by family law attorneys each year is increasing. In recent years the number of people filing for divorce has been on the rise.


The first step in hiring a divorce lawyer or an uncontested divorce attorney is to attend a consultation. At the consultation the lawyer should be able to provide information about his practice and references from past clients. The cost of an uncontested divorce varies depending on various factors including the complexity of the case and the party filing. Lawyers who are familiar with family law can represent more clients and handle more cases. Many attorneys choose to attend law school just for the purposes of becoming a divorce lawyer.

A divorce lawyer who wishes to be known in his area of practice should connect with other like-minded divorce lawyers who can use him as a referral point when clients require legal advice. The majority of spouses choose to retain the services of a divorce lawyer after they have gone through a divorce proceeding. There are instances where a divorce lawyer may represent one spouse. This may occur when one spouse has left the county and has access to the courts through marriage records. In such instances the divorce lawyer may represent both the husband and the wife.

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