Garden Wall Ideas To Grow Your Garden Up

The more you can do in your garden to incorporate the elements of your design, the better chance there is that you will actually use those features. If you have a beautiful piece of stone, why not put some pebbles and rocks around it? If you have some wonderful old grass, some stones and pebbles might be just what you need to create a focal point and turn what might otherwise have been an area of boring and lifeless green grass into a feature that becomes a focal point for the whole garden. There are lots of garden design ideas that involve the use of garden structures and items, and some are easier to implement than others.


Use the fences and walls in your garden

to create interesting and creative ways to add natural interest to your garden. There are two very good ways of doing this, both of which have different levels of difficulty. You can either use your existing fence or fencing to create a feature, or you can dig up some old garden paving and use that to create a feature.


Most garden

walls take pride in place in the center of the garden. A garden wall can be used to great effect to create a focal point or to highlight some part of your garden. One way of doing this is by using your existing garden fences as the basis of your design. If your fence is flat, then consider planting and arranging some tall bushes, root-bearing trees, or flowers along the fence line, and arrange your other garden items on top of them. Then simply surround this with a small number of stone walls, and a few wooden piles and you have created a wonderful feature.


Brick walls

are a great way of making the most of a plain garden. These are especially suited to use as borders around features because you can surround them with an attractive feature and then surround the feature with brick walls to create a feature. One of the drawbacks of using bricks as an outdoor feature is that it can be messy, so if you are not particularly good at DIY then consider using some timber. There are some great precast concrete or brick walls available that are easy to install and look really good.


Stone walls

are usually used to create a natural-looking feature, or sometimes to surround an area with a garden or other type of bench or seating. If you are keen on using stone walls as borders, then dig out a section of your garden and level up the ground. Use a trowel to remove any grass and sod and then set aside about six inches of gravel. Lay the stone wall section of your fence on top of the gravel, tap back and forth until smooth, and then use an electric hedge trimmer to trim the edge of the stone wall. Trim away any spare sections of stone and replace the section of gravel that you had removed, and you have a nice sturdy border.



you are looking for garden wall ideas to create a feature, then why not try a vertical garden wall? You can either plant climbing plants between the pillars or you could build a raised walkway along one wall, or place a bench in the middle of the garden. With a vertical garden wall, the plants will grow upwards and spread out, and they will also be off-limits to birds or small animals. A raised walkway can also help children learn how to keep on walking when they have reached the end of a garden bench.

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