Finding an Online Business to Serve Your Unique Needs

Many new business owners struggle with finding their niche. The difficulty stems from the fact that every business is unique in some way. Even the most successful companies aren’t the same. One of the first steps to starting a business is to decide what you want to do. You can choose a certain type of product, a certain type of service, or even a certain type of location.


To narrow down

your search for a business niche, consider how well you know your target area and which services you offer there. You may have some knowledge about the niche or be absolutely clueless. Consider the following business plan ideas for brainstorming niches:



by narrowing your focus on a specific city or region, such as a zipcode or metropolitan area. Google’s business section will show you cities around the world where your potential customers are underserved. Write down these locations on a sheet of paper. This can be a Google map or just a list of cities where people live in poverty.


Look for an audience

that isn’t already served by another business. You might be able to provide a service or product that is not available in this area, or perhaps there is already a business providing it. You can also research other companies to see if there is a similar target audience in this area that you can target. Find and follow up with contacts of previous customers or clients of theirs. This can help you find more customers with an existing customer base.


Look for a business

that offers a solution to a specific problem. If you are working in the health care industry, you can search for a niche site that offers information and resources on natural health. These sites tend to be more targeted because they are specifically addressing a niche group. If you have an existing website or blog that serves a more general audience, look into creating a more targeted website about a particular problem within that niche.


Once you’ve identified

your core niche and more specific niche markets, start researching the Internet and online directories. Some directories may not offer niche categories but instead focus on larger categories, like beauty or home repair. Other directories focus more on micro-niche niches, like dog training. Find one that serves your specific needs. There are plenty to choose from, so get out there and start looking!

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