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Fathers’ Rights Attorney

When a father goes missing or gets involved in a legal case where his rights are being challenged, his family can feel a sense of loss. He may have spent many years building a loving relationship with his children, but now that he is gone, that bond is broken. There are a number of things that fathers can do to ensure that they get the justice that is fair and just for them. When trying to understand your father’s situation and determine what steps need to be taken to get him back, consulting a family law attorney who specializes in fatherhood issues can make the process easier to understand.


First, we all know that fathers have a responsibility to pay child support. The question often posed is whether or not they are owed more than their fair share of that money. The answer is yes and having a lawyer that is an expert in father’s rights and who will work to fight for you can help you get the compensation you deserve. Many fathers don’t realize that they are entitled to more child support than their wives and non-custodial mothers, and the court system is only required to pay about 50% of that amount.

Secondly, fathers have a right to see the custody and visitation schedule of their children. If they don’t have this information and the mother and father can’t agree, a father can file for custody and have the court order a new schedule of visitation. This might include giving the child time with each parent, although both parents must cooperate with the court in regards to this. A father also has the right to participate in the parenting plan made by the custodial parent and the non-custodial or guardian. There are ways to accomplish this, such as working with a support group, attending parenting classes, or simply getting the father involved with the court process.

Fathers’ Rights

Fathers’ rights help fathers establish the paternity of their children. In the case of a paternity claim, if there is a doubt, the father should be given the opportunity to prove the paternity. If the father doesn’t have that information, or the mother or father contests the paternity, then fathers need to hire a custody lawyer who can help them win this battle for custody.

Child support is another area that many fathers struggle with and one that requires the help of a qualified custody rights attorney. Fathers who don’t receive child support often don’t receive the support they are entitled to because they don’t know how to petition the courts for payment. Fathers who don’t get child support payments are often removed from their children and placed in the custodial custody of the maternal family, even if the father wasn’t notified that he was not supporting the children.


Fathers have rights when it comes to their children. They need to hire a good custody rights attorney who knows all of the fathers issues and can help them win the custody battle that they deserve. Fathers have rights when it comes to their children, but they don’t always know how to take advantage of those rights. It takes a knowledgeable father to understand these rights and use them in the best way possible to help fathers gain the custody of the children they want.

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