Energy Pollution – What Are the Effects of Energy Pollution on Humans and On the Environment?

energy pollution

Energy Pollution refers to the adverse impact that it has upon the environment. It is a fact that more people are looking towards greener pastures through shifting their house to energy efficient ones. Also as most of the non-renewable resources are being used up, energy usage is expected to increase substantially in the near future. This has made an awareness about the adverse effects that energy pollution has upon the environment.

The major reasons behind this pollution are mainly due to the excessive use of energy sources like fossil fuels. It results in air pollution and adverse affects on the environment at large. Another major reason is depletion and pollution of non-renewable energy sources like the coal, oil, gas, etc. This leads to less energy and thus less productivity in the economy.

human health and environment

Energy pollution can have devastating effect on human health and environment because it leads to a situation where people become unhealthy and suffer from ailments. It also reduces the economic output because energy consumed by individuals are less than the energy produced. The demand for energy is likely to increase in the coming years; hence, the need for cleaner sources of energy. These sources include, nuclear energy, hydro, geothermal, solar and wind power.

The primary effect of energy pollution is on the environment. It results in the deterioration of the natural quality of the soil thereby causing drought, flooding, land and vegetation erosion and habitat loss. A study shows that carbon dioxide is the leading cause of global warming. This proves that the excessive use of energy results in a lot of carbon dioxide emission, which further leads to global warming.

There is a gradual increase in the price of energy

This price hike has been caused primarily by the increased cost of using energy sources and the resultant effect of all these sources on the environment. Also, when the energy is produced and transported to different parts of the world, there is an increase in the cost and this leads to reduction in affordability of energy. Apart from this, the energy sources pollute the environment through their emissions, toxic substances and other by-products. So, if energy becomes too expensive, fewer people will be able to afford it and thus the overall pollution level will increase.

There are certain measures which can be adopted by governments and private organizations to mitigate the effects of energy pollution on the environment. First of all, developing a better use of energy sources and switching to energy efficient appliances can reduce or negate the effects of the energy pollution. Secondly, if it is not possible to implement such measures, controlling the use of energy, especially non-renewable energy sources, should be minimized. Limiting the use of vehicles and driving only for public purposes can help in decreasing the emission levels and the environmental pollution in the cities will start falling.

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