Advantages Of Biomass Energy

renewable source of energy

For centuries now, biomass has been used to power everything from wood heaters to solar paneling and diesel generators. Nowadays however, biomass energy is becoming an increasingly popular alternative source of renewable energy, because there are many major advantages to using this kind of energy. From being a very powerful renewable source of energy to being much more environmentally friendly than most other forms of energy, biomass energy is a real winner. Here are some of the main benefits to using biomass as a form of renewable energy source:

ReliabilityThe biggest advantage of biomass energy is its reliability. Unlike fossil fuels or nuclear energy plants, which are subject to regular outages for a variety of reasons, biomass power plants run virtually without fail, providing reliable power on demand. Also, harvesting biomass for fuel can help decrease waste in the way of CO2 emissions and methane gas emissions. In addition, construction of large scale biomass energy farms for commercial production of biofuels can take up a large amount of available land space, though this may be closed to development in the future. In fact, if large scale commercial ventures begin to produce biomass energy, it will be a major boon for the struggling world’s land economy.

No HarmTo the Environment

Low CostPer gram of biomass is less expensive than most fossil fuels. This makes biomass a great fuel source for your home, because the costs of starting a biomass energy farm are comparatively low compared to fossil fuels. Also, the cost of harvesting biomass is extremely low compared to coal, oil and gas, because these fossil fuels are much more costly to extract. This low cost of harvesting biomass makes biomass energy a great renewable source of energy, that is economically viable for home use.

The concept of using biomass energy is not harming the environment in any way. Biomass is created from living plant life and there is no way it can harm the environment in any way. Unlike fossil fuels, plant life cannot run away from the earth. Also, the process of using biomass energy does not cause harm to the ecosystem in any way either. The living matter is used as a fuel source by converting it into other types of energy, such as gas, electricity and water.

Increase in Global Warming

When people use biomass energy, it is believed to be a very green way to fuel their homes. When plants are used to make Biofuels, they release methane gas into the atmosphere that helps to trap heat. The trapped warmth causes global warming. The burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, gas can result in serious climate change, and even extinctions of some forms of plant and animal life. Biomass energy can be a much cleaner way to produce renewable power that does not contribute to climate change.

Another advantage of using Biofuels like wood and biomass energy is that it produces no waste. By using Biofuel, Bioenergy can reduce the amount of fossil fuels needed to produce energy. This means that less fossil fuels are burned, and landfills are not needed to store these resources. The fact that Biomass Energy produces no waste also makes it a clean source of energy.

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